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For the week of August 27, 2006

Why is your husband acting weird since the new baby? Why is he grumpy and grouchy with you all the time?

“My husband is being so strange,” a woman complains. “Strange how?” her friend asks. “Well since the new baby came, he’s all grumpy and irritable,” the woman replies. “Is he staying up with her at night?” her friend asks. “My husband?” the woman says, “Hardly. And he’s picky. He’s after me for the least little thing – I didn’t fold his shirts the way he likes, I didn’t have time to make dinner so we had to get take-out.” “Sounds like he’s behaving more like a baby than the baby is,” her friend says. “And just when I need him to act grown up” the woman says, “Now what do I do?”

Don’t be too hard on your mate. New Dads can feel terribly left out. He’s been used to getting all your attention, and now here’s this tiny creature whose needs are coming before his. All the time. No wonder he’s irritable! If you want him to act grown up, deliberately make a point of remembering to give your mate some concentrated doses of attention and affection every day. Praise him for every little thing he does to help you, tell him how wonderful he is and how much you love and appreciate him. A little attention will go a long way in helping your husband get over his long face, and pitch in and help you rather than drain you.
























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