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e-Book - Men Are Wonderful

e-Book - Men Are Wonderful

Men Are Wonderful - And Yours Can Be Too!

Just about every woman dreams about meeting a wonderful man. The trouble is, how do you find that man? If you are already in a relationship, how do you bring out the "wonderful" in the man you love? Is this even possible in the face of the inordinate amount of male-bashing that exists in our culture and the constant chorus of women who lament the lack of wonderful men in the world?!

These are the questions Men Are Wonderful...And Yours Can Be Too! sets out to answer, based on interviews with real women—all in various stages of relationships and all with stories to tell about their wonderful men. They bare their souls so that others can learn from their experiences—the painful to the humorous—and together we find out how the wonderful in men can be discovered, revealed and supported, resulting in the Heaven on Earth that a relationship can be.

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e-Book - Men Are Wonderful



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