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2.  A Winning Case

2. A Winning Case

Inside A Winning Case, you will find hundreds of case-winning communication techniques, proven psychological strategies, and potent courtroom tactics that help you maximize your impact with jurors and witnesses and win more cases than ever before!

  • Create a winning first impression that gets jurors on your side, establishes unassailable credibility, and wins their trust
  • Communicate effectively and keep the jurors alert and interested
  • Cultivate keen powers of observation you can use to acquire more information and strengthen your case during trial
  • Develop a dynamic personal courtroom style that contributes to your success and guarantees you'll keep on winning
  • Conquer courtroom anxiety and visualize your way to success
  • Coach your witnesses so that they present themselves effectively and persuasively
  • Discredit a witness without alienating the jurors

Hardcover: 373 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall Trade (June 1, 1991)
ISBN: 0139322787
Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 7.5 x 9.8 inches


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2. A Winning Case



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