Books for Personal and Career Success

The Power of Appreciation in Business by Dr. Noelle Nelson

The Power of Appreciation in Business
How an Obsession with Value Increases
Performance, Productivity and Profits

What's the number one reason people get frustrated and leave their job? Not low pay, not lack of benefits, but--according the U.S. Department OF Labor--it's lack of appreciation. Studies also show that customer loyalty (or lack of loyalty) is based on feeling appreciated--and many customers are feeling under-appreciated these days. ÒThe Power of Appreciation in BusinessÓ offers a unique perspective on improving employee performance, company profitability and customer relations.

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The Power of Appreciation by Dr. Noelle Nelson

The Power of Appreciation
The Key to a Vibrant Life

Appreciation is more than gratitude. Appreciation is a dynamic energy force, functioning according to scientific principles. This energy can be harnessed by anyone to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment in every area of life: from finances to work to family to health to aging and even in crisis...

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The Power of Appreciation
The Key to a Vibrant Life AUDIO-BOOK
- includes a free biodot!

5 audio CD set with key illustrations featured in color.

The audio-book version of the best-selling book "The Power of Appreciation," of which Louise Hay writes: "This is a powerful book for teaching you the simplicity and ease of using appreciation to create a better life than you can possibly imagine. You will be reading this over and over!"

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The Power of Appreciation in Everyday Life by Dr. Noelle Nelson

The Power of Appreciation in Everyday Life

Here are the appreciation tools and techniques you'll need for the challenges of daily life: stress, relationships, kids, finances, co-workers, in-laws, bills, romance, weight, self-esteem, procrastination, etc., etc…

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Dangerous Relationships by Dr. Noelle Nelson

Dangerous Relationships
How to Stop Domestic Violence before It Stops You

Know the warning signs of domestic violence to prevent abuse. More than four million Americans fall victim to domestic violence each year. Even the famous, including Tina Turner, Greg Luganis and Brett Buttler, are not immune...

"Dangerous Relationships" available in Spanish.

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Get Your Way! by Dr. Noelle Nelson  

Get Your Way!
Put a Lawyer's Power of Persuasion To Use in Your Everyday Life

Discloses the proven techniques and tactics trial lawyers use to ensure their success and demonstrates how readers can apply these at work, at home, and in the world to get what they want every time...

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Winner Takes All by Dr. Noelle Nelson  

Winner Takes All
Exceptional People Teach Us How to Find Career and Personal Success in the 21st Century

When you look into the future, what do you see? A future filled with uncertainties? Too many rapid and unpredictable changes in the economy, your career, your health? Well, you're not alone...

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Everyday Miracles by Dr. Noelle Nelson  

Everyday Miracles

A renowned psychologist offers 101 reflections with practical steps for achieving life's

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Consultation Services

Consultation Services  

Phone Consulting Services

Telephone appreciation consulting service for individuals, business owners, managers, executives and entrepreneurs. E-mail Dr. Nelson ( to arrange a consultation. Online payments can be made via a credit card or through PayPal.



Tapes, CDs and DVDs


Introduction to the Power of Appreciation AUDIOVISUAL CD

Live Workshop - Sun Valley, ID
Audiovisual CD, 52 minutes

What is appreciation? Why is it so powerful? This workshop answers these questions and more, including how you can apply appreciation's power to your life and experience greater joy and success.

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The Amazing Power of Appreciation DVD
At Home, at Work, In Love

Live Workshop - Sydney, Australia
DVD, 72 minutes

Appreciation is a force - scientifically proven! Use the immense power of appreciation to get your life in sync. Learn practical, effective ways to take charge of your life with appreciation and get the results you want at home, at work, and in love!

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Walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth to Health and Longevity DVD
- free finger labyrinth included!

Live Workshop - New York City, NY
DVD, 72 minutes

Discover what science has to say about the tremendous health benefits of appreciation. Experience the transforming impact of appreciation using the profound and mystical energy of the labyrinth. Learn to use specific practical appreciation techniques to increase your well-being and help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.

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Books & Tapes for Lawyers

A Winning Case by Dr. Noelle Nelson  

A Winning Case
How to Use Persuasive Communication Techniques for Successful Trial Work

Inside of A Winning Case, you will find hundreds of case-winning communication techniques, proven psychological strategies, and potent courtroom tactics that help you maximize your impact with jurors and witnesses and win more cases than ever before!....

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Connecting with Your Client by Dr. Noelle Nelson  

Connecting with Your Client
Success Through Improved Client Communications

Attorneys everywhere are being forced to reconsider their definition of service. More than just the quality of lawyering, excellent service includes how legal expertise is actually delivered to the client. That means everything from promptly delivered phone calls, to keeping the client appropriately informed and prepared, to a legal professional's attitude toward the client...

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DVD: How to Give a Good Deposition and How to Testify Well in Court

Have you ever felt anxious about giving an effective deposition or testifying in court? Feeling anxious is perfectly normal if you haven't prepared properly for the experience. And, if you are unprepared, a seemingly strong case may be lost...

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VIDEO: A Winning Case, a Valuable 5-Volume Series for Lawyers

Do you want to maximize your chance for success in the courtroom? Of course you do! And you really can't afford not to. Trial costs have dramatically escalated over the past few years, increasing the importance of winning your case...

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Actors Coaching Tapes


VIDEO: Cold Readings Made Easy
A Survival Kit for the Working Actor

Never again let a cold reading stand between you and the part! "COLD READINGS MADE EASY," a 4-volume series is a survival kit for the working actor...

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Other Items


Work your Appreciator's Muscle with the BIODOT!
Also an excellent assist in reducing your stress level.

The biodot is a small circle of liquid crystal that helps you strengthen your ability to generate and maintain the intense focus needed to transform negative situations and attract valued ones using appreciation. The biodot facilitates your developing the balanced state between intense thinking and emotional allowance most supportive of appreciation. The biodot is provided with an accompanying color chart and instructions for its use.

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