Dr. Nelson in Person!

Body Mind Spirit Expo
Santa Monica, California
July 9 & 10, 2005

Body Mind Spirit Expo
Pasadena, California
Sept. 17 & 18, 2005

To book Dr. Noelle Nelson for your next expo, conference or seminar, contact:

Diane Rumbaugh


Are you looking for a speaker/seminar leader with passion and professionalism? A speaker who inspires and engages your audience's interest as she delivers powerful yet practical information?

A dynamic and motivating speaker, Dr. Noelle Nelson speaks before business, professional, general public and legal audiences nationally and internationally.

What They're Saying About Dr. Noelle Nelson…

From Event Organizers:
"On behalf of the MindBodySpirit Festival team, I would like to sincerely thank you for your valuable contribution to this year's Melbourne Festival 2005. We have received excellent visitor feedback…"

--Jason Berman
dmg world media, Group Manager

“It was a pleasure having Dr. Nelson here. The next NY Expo is Oct 14-16. Hopefully Dr. Nelson will join us....”

--Mark Becker
2005 New Life Expo, New York City, Director

"As the 2004 festival director of the Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival, I highly recommend Dr. Noelle Nelson as a speaker and a workshop leader. She spoke at our festival in May 2004 to a larger than expected audience and provided a high energy; informative and interesting talk where the audience was engaged and participating. We recommend her for your conference or festival."

--Melissa Scott Elkins
2004 Sun Valley Mountain Wellness, Festival Director

"On behalf of the MindBodySpirit Festival team, I would like to thank you for your valuable contribution to this year's Sydney 2004 Festival. We felt that Sydney was a great event and were very grateful for your time in preparing and delivering such a professional presentation. We really appreciated the privilege of having you as a presenter at this Festival."

--Margaret Wilson
2004 Mind Body Spirit Festival, Sydney, Australia, Event Coordinator

"It would be an understatement to say that Dr. Nelson is a captivating speaker. Her presentations are at once dynamic, entertaining and fascinating." --Mitchell E. Taubman, Ph.D.,
Director, Center for Professional Education

"In September you did a seminar for our organization that went very well. The student evaluations were positive and enthusiastic and we've had ...calls regarding your next presentation."

--Catherine Cook
Program Manager, Learning Exchange

From Satisfied Participants:
"Appreciation is changing my life. I very much appreciate it!"
--Gina T.

"Great workshop - I'm eager to continue developing my sense of appreciation. Thank you!"
--Pete R.

"My friends and I formed an Appreciation group and are watching our lives transform! Thanks!"
--Adele H.

"I'm enjoying putting the "Power of Appreciation" principles into practice. It's especially helpful that you deal with areas of resistance and give practical ways to overcome these obstacles. Thanks again for your wonderful work."
--Bob B.

"Really loved your Power of Appreciation talk, and I'm practicing appreciation every day. It works! Thank you very much."
--Elaine P.

"I came to your workshop at a crisis point in my marriage, and I can't thank you enough for how it has turned around my relationship. Thank you and God bless."
--Cathy A.

Dr. Noelle custom tailors her workshops presentations to meet the exact needs of her audiences. Her presentation topics include:

Appreciation in Business
  • Increasing Performance, Productivity and Profits: the Power of Appreciation in Business
  • Get Your Business in Sync! Appreciation Skills for Managers
  • Improve Employee Retention, Morale, Motivation and Well-Being using Appreciation
  • Using Appreciation Skills and Techniques to Advance Your Career
  • The Appreciation Experience: How to Create Loyal Customers for Life
  • How to Handle Difficult People: the Power of Appreciation in Communication
Appreciation in Your Personal Life
  • Walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth To Health & Longevity!
  • Live Better, Live Longer: The Healing Power of Appreciation
  • The Amazing Power of Appreciation: at Home, at Work, in Love
  • Falling in Love and Staying in Love: Appreciation in Relationships
  • Putting Appreciation into Practice in Your Day to Day Life
  • The Uplifting and Coping Power of Appreciation in Crisis
For Trial Attorneys
  • How to Use Focus Groups to Determine Juror-Worthiness of Case Themes, Arguments, Evidence, Experts and Witnesses
  • Creating a Winning First Impression with a Jury
  • How to Use Body Language and Vocal Persuasion to Win Over Jurors
  • How to Develop a Dynamic Courtroom Style
  • How to Make Voir Dire Work to Your Advantage
  • Creating Compelling Opening and Closing Statements
  • How to Conduct a Persuasive Direct Examination
  • Preparing Your Witnesses for Effective Presentation in Court
A CD demo is available on request.