What is a labyrinth?

The labyrinth is a pattern laid out on the ground or floor, which forms a specific path composed of a number of circuits. The patterns of the labyrinth have been used for over 4,000 years by cultures all over the world. The oldest known labyrinth is the classical 7-circuit labyrinth, which is the design used for the Appreciator's Labyrinth.

The labyrinth is not a maze. There is nothing confusing about your path through the labyrinth. You start walking through the labyrinth at its opening, slowing make your way through the circuits until you come to the heart of the labyrinth. You then come out the way you came.


Appreciator's Labyrinth laid out for the MindBodySpirit Festival in Melbourne, Australia, 2005.

What is a labyrinth used for?

The labyrinth is used primarily for personal or spiritual growth. It is considered a symbol, a metaphor for the journey of life. You enter the labyrinth to journey into yourself, into your life, and having moved through the labyrinth, you come out with a different understanding of who you are, of how you can better pursue your particular path through life.

The labyrinth is highly valued as a vehicle of transformation, helping you progress from wherever you are in your life or relative to a particular situation, to where you want to be. It can also facilitate insight, help you gain perspective, and restore a sense of inner peace.

How is the Appreciator's Labyrinth used?

The Appreciator's Labyrinth is used by Dr. Noelle to help people shift their focus to an appreciative and valuing way of thinking and feeling. Its goal is to help them deal more successfully with the various issues of life and living.

In the "Walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth to Health and Longevity" workshop, for example, the Appreciator's Labyrinth is used to help participants take charge of their mental, emotional and physical well-being by engaging the power of appreciation to positively impact their health and longevity. Participants discover what science has to say about the tremendous health benefits of appreciation and how they can use appreciation for increased well-being and a longer, healthier life. They then walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth, and experience first hand the transforming impact of appreciation using the profound and mystical energy of the labyrinth.

How can I walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth?

Scheduled workshops using the Appreciator's Labyrinth are announced on this website and through our free monthly e-newsletter, "A Note from Dr. Noelle." (Click to subscribe)

An Appreciator's Labyrinth Workshop, specifically tailored for your business, professional or social group, religious organization or non-profit association, is available by contacting:

Diane Rumbaugh

The labyrinth measures 22 1/2' x 22' and can be set up inside or out. Dr. Nelson can also conduct workshops using labyrinths that are already in place, such as permanent labyrinths located at religious centers, hospitals and hospices, parks, etc.

The original "Walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth to Health and Longevity" is available on DVD (see "Store").



Questions to Guide You as You Walk the Appreciator's Labyrinth to Health and Longevity

Determine what issue or health concern you want to think about. Then use the following questions to guide your thinking as you walk slowly through the Labyrinth.

1) What are your usual thoughts and feelings about this subject? (your health, an illness/disorder, aging) Resentment? Depression? Anger? Despair? Allow yourself to think your thoughts and feel your feelings as fully as possible.

2) What can you find to value, what can you appreciate, in and/or around the subject, no matter how small or apparantly trivial? That you're still breathing? That other parts of you are functioning fine? That new treatments are discovered daily?

3) What can you value, appreciate, about yourself in this situation? Your courage? Your tenacity? Your curiousity? Your rage? Your persistence? Your resourcefulness?

4) What can you value, what can you appreciate, in any of those around you relative to this subject? Their helpfulness? Support (mental, physical, emotional)? Treatments? Caring? Inspiration? Dedication? Compassion?

5) What can you value, what can you appreciate about life and living, right here, right now? From the mundane (a pillow to lay your head) to the divine (a faith that inspires and uplifts you), what can you appreciate?



"Loved the workshop, all the scientific data and other examples, the content, the Labyrinth and Dr. Noelle's passion! Thanks."

-- Jerry K.


"When I walked the Labyrinth the second time, it was an instant smaller version of all of life … and support of all traveling life's path. Thank you."

-- Terrie