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Winner Takes All
Exceptional People Teach Us How to Find Career and Personal Success in the 21st Century (Perseus Publishing)

Winner Takes All by Dr. Noelle NelsonWhen you look into the future, what do you see? A future filled with uncertainties? Too many rapid and unpredictable changes in the economy, your career, your health?

Well, you're not alone... Many people are scared of the future. Everything is different now. The old rules no longer apply. What used to spell success, doesn't. "Work hard, nose to the grindstone" - may just mean you get your nose ground. We're living to ripe old ages and who's ready for it? No doubt about it, people are scared. Chaos, constant change and the specter of the unknown are highly anxiety provoking for all of us.

Winner Takes All answers these fears. It is the first book to provide a map for individual success and fulfillment by describing ways to deal effectively and positively with the world's unique uncertainties. In Winner Takes All Dr. Nelson describes a step-by-step process for 21st Century success, illustrated by four individuals suddenly facing an out-of-control future filled with frightening unknowns.

She shows in straightforward down-to-earth ways how to take control of the future by reaching out to the future, and how to create a plan for success using intangibles, such as creativity, belief systems, inner qualities, and imaginative access to resources in practical ways, to create tangible success. Dr. Nelson provides readers with the tools to face the chaos and turmoil of the 21st Century in productive and proactive ways.

Winner Takes All is inspirational as well as practical, filled with real-life stories of exceptional people, who show us how these tools are used by Winners from all walks of life, so-called "ordinary people" to celebrities like Christopher Reeve, Willye White and Muhammad Ali -- people of all shapes and sizes, representing a variety of ages, ethnicities, physical capabilities and genders. All of these Winners experienced unanticipated life-altering events that threw them into lives bereft of traditional moorings. Yet these Winners managed to transform themselves and achieve success and fulfillment. So can we!

Winner Takes All is indispensable for finding and maintaining success in the 21st century in a future where success may seem ephemeral, if not impossible.

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Notes from the Back Cover

"In turbulent times, we need inspiration and concrete role models to get us through. Noelle Nelson offers plenty of both."
- Patricia Aburdene, Co-Author, Megatrends 2000

"In this topsy-turvy rapidly changing world, Winner Takes All gives you steps to take to overcome our challenges and come out on top. To increase your ability to deal with the future, I recommend you read and apply the principles contained in this book."
- J. Oliver Crom, President & CEO, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

"Winner Takes All is a book about no longer taking 'no' for an answer - especially our own 'no.' It's about challenging doubt, and making great opportunities of mere possibilities - but doing so with our feet planted firmly on the ground. Noelle Nelson reminds us, in a variety of ways, that we have far more resources than we think, and that, with openness and courage, we can be almost anything we want to be."
- Jon Wilson, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Hope Magazine

"This book provides a splendid formula for your personal success and happiness. Written by a gifted and seasoned psychologist, it is a dynamite book. It can change your life! Read it again and again and dare to dream."
- Joe Batten, Author of 19 books, including Tough-Minded Leadership, The Master Motivator, and Building a Total Quality Culture.

"A wonderful piece of work! Dr. Nelson's comprehensive approach emphasizes the importance of a future-oriented attitude and clearly demonstrates how to take a dream toward reality. I am often asked how to apply the idea of preferred future planning to an individual's life. Dr. Nelson's book will become a primary answer to that question."
- Glen Hiemstra, President, Host, Futurist.com

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