Dr. Noelle Nelson

Everyday Miracles (Prentice Hall Press)

Everyday Miracles by Dr. Noelle NelsonA must read book! Noelle Nelson's sound advice inspires and empowers us wonderfully to create here and now miracles of happiness and success in our own lives."

- John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Book Description:
A renowned psychologist offers 101 reflections with practical steps for achieving life's

Known throughout the country as "Dr. Noelle," Noelle Nelson, Ph.D. specializes in helping people gain the insights and skills to live a life rich in success through her unique "compassionate psychotherapy."

In EVERYDAY MIRACLES, she presents 101 vignettes that cut to the heart of common dilemmas and self-defeating behaviors. Dr. Noelle offers distinctive, practical and encouraging ways to resolving problems, overcoming obstacles, and attaining the pinnacle of personal fulfillment. Through step-by-step action plans she shows us how to: * Speak up and transform "I shouldn't have to ask" into "All I have to do is ask!" * Stop playing the blame game...and break the "I'm Sorry" syndrome * Set limits without guilt...and redefine failure * Give and receive with joy * Take control of destiny * Change--for real

Each essay culminates with an illuminating quote from a notable, whether W. Somerset Maugham, Dr. Robert Schuller, Margaret Young, or Stevie Wonder. EVERYDAY MIRACLES is an inspirational book with a difference: concrete tactics to help make personal miracles happen.

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