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A Winning Case
How to Use Persuasive Communication Techniques for Successful Trial Work (Prentice Hall)

A Winning Case by Dr. Noelle NelsonInside of A Winning Case, you will find hundreds of case-winning communication techniques, proven psychological strategies, and potent courtroom tactics that help you maximize your impact with jurors and witnesses and win more cases than ever before!

  • Create a winning first impression that gets jurors on your side, establishes unassailable credibility, and wins their trust
  • Communicate effectively and keep the jurors alert and interested
  • Cultivate keen powers of observation you can use to acquire more information and strengthen your case during trial
  • Develop a dynamic personal courtroom style that contributes to your success and guarantees you'll keep on winning
  • Conquer courtroom anxiety and visualize your way to success
  • Coach your witnesses so that they present themselves effectively and persuasively
  • Discredit a witness without alienating the jurors
"As a trial lawyer, I say to all lawyers - you will gain from this book"
Downey A. Grosenbaugh Past President Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Assn., Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers

Learn the following from this book:

  • How to use movement as a transition…to establish special relationships…and to credit and discredit witnesses. (Page 75)
  • How to pinpoint and prevent mannerisms that diminish your persuasiveness. (Page 70)
  • How to use the "neutral stance" to say, "I won't let you push me or my client around." (Page 41)
  • How to successfully counterbalance negative evidence with a strong emotional appeal. (Page 352)
  • How to use eye focus to credit or discredit a witness. (Page 64)
  • Four vocal techniques from the stage for keeping your audience spellbound. (Page 93)
  • How to express your exasperation with frivolous objection, while maintaining your cool. (Page 354)
  • How to inoculate the jury against opposing counsel's arguments. (Page 197)
  • Today histrionics are out. How to walk the fine line between passive and passionate. (Page 206)
  • A two-step technique to prevent your personal dislike of a client from adversely affecting jurors. (Page 356)
  • How to personalize experience so that your view of the case comes alive for the jury. (Page 225)
  • The actor's technique of lowering your voice dramatic effect, while still reaching your audience. (Page 102)
  • How to gain juror sympathy for perpetrators of heinous crimes. (Page 359)
  • How to create a feeling of "ah, yes" in jurors through analogy, similes and storytelling. (Page 209)
  • When a client won't cooperate it often signals a deeper problem. Here's an easy way to eliminate distrust and build rapport. (Page 360)
  • How to influence juror's perception of events through the way you handle evidence. (Page 235)
  • Ten steps to creating a dynamic opening statement. (Page 252)
  • How to use "mirroring" to put your witnesses at ease and "reverse mirroring" to subtly disorient opposing witnesses. (Page 263)
  • Powerful antidotes to specific courtroom anxieties such as dry mouth…excessive sweating…hands or knees trembling…high-pitched voice…and nausea. (Page 299)
  • A five-part strategy to increase your witnesses' credibility. (Page 323)
  • Three ways to fight back and win against a super-confident and dynamic counsel. (Page355)

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