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Winning your case has everything to do with understanding what is of value to your jurors, as well as to your judge.
A Winning Case
About this book

When you know which of your arguments have value to your jury pool, when you know how to translate complicated evidence into words and pictures that are meaningful to your jury, when you know how witnesses can best be appreciated by the jury, then you truly are convincing .

You become the one who speaks in the emotional and mental language that best reaches jurors--the one best positioned to effectively persuade them.

Yours then is – a winning case.”

Dr. Noelle Nelson



Dr. Noelle Nelson named one of lawdragon.com's 

"100 Legal Consultants You Need to Know"


  • Help you develop solid trial strategy with winning case themes and compelling jury appeal

  • Prepare your witnesses, expert and lay, to depose and testify convincingly

  • Set up and run focus groups representative of your jury pool to determine juror-worthiness of case themes, arguments, demonstrative evidence, experts and witnesses

  • Review your opening / closing statements and revise them for maximum juror impact

  • Provide private coaching to help you improve your persuasiveness and credibility in front of a jury

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