Dr. Noelle Nelson

Appreciation has amazing impact on our hearts, our brains and our interactions with others.

Your Heart on Anger
Your Heart on Appreciation
The chaotic heart rate of a person thinking and feeling anger, with the consequent negative impact on their well being.
The smooth and harmonious heart rate of a person thinking and feeling appreciation, with with the consequent positive impact on their well being.
Your Brain on Negativity
Your Brain on Appreciation
Blood flow to your brain when you are feeling negative emotions, such as anger or fear, is diminished; your overall functioning is impaired.
Blood flows freely to your brain when you are appreciating; your overall functioning is greatly improved.

In the wireless world we live in, cell phones, pagers, iPods, wireless Internet access and all manner of other devices transmit information via electromagnetic fields. So too does the human heart.

The heart's electromagnetic field is tremendously powerful. It can be measured up to eight to 10 feet outside of our bodies.

The Heart's Electromagnetic Field

Your Heart's Influence On Others

What you are thinking and feeling is transmitted via your heart's electrical energy and shows up in the brain waves of those standing near you.

When two people touch, there's a transfer of the electrical energy generated by one person's heart (as represented by the tracings on an ECG) that can be detected in the other person's brain waves (via EEG). A similar effect is detected when two subjects stand close together, such as in an elevator or in a department store, without touching. (Childre & Martin, HeartMath)


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