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For Witnesses:

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If you have to give a deposition or testify in court as the result of a lawsuit, a custody battle, a civil procedure, on behalf of your employer or because of your work, “How To Give A Good Deposition And Testify Well In Court” will help you be a good witness and give the best possible testimony.

Feeling anxious about giving an effective deposition or testifying in court?

Of course you are! Feeling anxious is perfectly normal if you haven't prepared properly for the experience. Giving a deposition or testifying at a trial can be a painful and costly experience if you aren't well prepared.

Juror turn-offs every witness should know about!

"How To Give A Good Deposition And Testify Well In Court" is a practical, must-have DVD* for preparing quickly and effectively for deposition and trial. It will give you the skills you need to be successful whether giving a deposition or testifying in court.

Utilizing proven psychological and effective communication techniques, "How To Give A Good Deposition And Testify Well In Court" teaches you step-by-step easy to follow techniques with live demonstrations showing you how to apply them, so you can prepare yourself to win.

Dr. Nelson uses 3 different case examples all involving real people to show you how to:

  • Answer questions so you come out on top every time
  • Get your story across clearly and persusasively
  • Look and sound appropriate and convincing
  • Be confident and do well even when you get nervous, angry or upset.
Acclaimed author and respected legal trial consultant, psychologist Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D., has helped attorneys and their clients at the nation's top law firms to win cases and maximize jury awards.


A tips sheet included with the DVD covers additional important need-to-knows for persuasive testimony such as:

  • Understanding the purpose of deposition/testimony
  • How to "answer the question asked" (it's less obvious than you think!)
  • How to organize an answer effectively before speaking
  • The 7 basic kinds of questions asked in depositions/trial
  • Handling the impact of emotion on testimony


"How To Give A Good Deposition And Testify Well In Court"

Video Rating Guide for Libraries ****

"A valuable addition to the growing body of layman legal video programming…"

Legal Information Alert

"This is a very good 45-minute videotape designed to help prepare clients or witnesses for testimony or depositions."

Wilson Library Bulletin

"After watching How To Give A Good Deposition And Testify Well In Court, nervous plaintiffs will know how to dress, speak and emote in a courtroom. This sometimes humorous video features Noelle Nelson, consultant to many a law firm. The very poised Nelson is shown working with three clients . . .By the time Nelson is through with this group, their testimonies are both organized and dramatic."

Entertainment Weekly

"It's all sensible advice, sensibly delivered."


"Nelson's tips would be useful for anyone facing a court appearance."

Billboard Magazine

"As part of its coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial, TV's "A Current Affair" aired a portion of the video, How To Give A Good Deposition And Testify Well In Court.


*Originally released on videotape.

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