Dr. Noelle Nelson

Seven Warning Signs of a Dangerous Relationship

Seven Warning Signs of a Dangerous Relationship

  1. A passionate whirlwind beginning that knocks you off your feet

  2. Possessiveness--the kind that seeks to control and dominate you

  3. Quick and sudden personality changes by the abuser--from Mr./Ms.Wonderful into Mr./Ms. Hyde--a monster you wish you had never met

  4. The blame game begins--you're wrong about everything, while the abuser is always right

  5. You're subjected to verbal abuse--words that criticize, demean and cut you to the quick

  6. The abuser shows a cruel and insensitive attitude toward others. The stage is set for violence.

  7. The violence starts: whether you're shoved, hit or beaten, you don't want to believe what's happening. You minimize, deny or make it your fault, only to be shoved, hit or beaten again...again... and again.

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