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THE POWER OF APPRECIATION IN BUSINESS: How an Obsession with Value Increases Performance, Productivity & Profits by Noelle C. Nelson, MindLab Publishing

The Power of Appreciation in Business"We learned to say please and thank you at our mother's knees. Now NoelleC. Nelson's book "The Power of Appreciation in Business" reinforces the importance of showing appreciation, not only in our personal lives, but in the business world. She says "Appreciation is not a concept. Appreciation is a way of thinking and feeling that must be expressed in action. Valuing people and your product or service must be demonstrated physically."

Appreciation plays a role, in business, in everything from employee motivation to power negotiating. Noelle Nelson's book guides the reader to good habits that count in any business or life situation.

This book is a must read for anyone in a service industry. Wait...it's for everyone!"

- Donna Gray, BookReview.com

"The Power of Appreciation in Business by Noelle C. Nelson is an exploration into the dimensions of appreciation and the tremendous power it wields in all relationships. Don't miss it!"

- Ken Blanchard, co-author of "The One Minute Manager® and Customer Mania"

"This book is a testament to the little-known secret that business relationships ARE personal relationships. If you understand that and practice the principles in The Power of Appreciation in Business, you'll be well on your way to building great relationships for the success of your business and your own career."

- Keith Ferrazzi, author of "NEVER EAT ALONE: And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship At A Time"

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A Magic Bullet for Increasing Morale & Profits

Most of us who've worked in the corporate world have occasionally felt a slight sense of dread as we came to work to deal with employee and customer complaints. If you heard there was a fast, cheap, easy and effective management approach that takes stressful work situations and transforms them into higher productivity and better morale... and is especially powerful for dealing with conflicts... would you be interested?

Author Noelle Nelson provides an exceptionally clear technique for bringing appreciation into the workplace, describing practical ideas managers can put to work immediately for little to no additional cost in THE POWER OF APPRECIATION IN BUSINESS. Nelson cites recent scientific research on the effects of appreciation on the brain and the heart, and describes how appreciation works to remove resistance while encouraging people to do their very best. Best of all, Nelson includes step-by-step directions for implementing these techniques in ways that have proven to be wildly successful in businesses such as See's Candies, Ryder, and Southwest Airlines.

I love the way this book explodes many management myths, and explains why so many corporate appreciation tools such as Employee of the Month programs and customer satisfaction surveys so often prove to be ineffective. THE POWER OF APPRECIATION IN BUSINESS is a powerful "magic bullet" that may just be what your business needs to improve profitablity and morale at the same time. Find out how good your business can get!


Recent U.S. Department of Labor data shows that the number one reason people leave their job is that they do not feel appreciated. Not low pay, not lack of benefits, but lack of appreciation. Customer loyalty is also based on feeling appreciated--and many customers are feeling greatly under-appreciated these days). Backed by scientific data and real world examples, The Power of Appreciation in Business details specific appreciation techniques to combat employee apathy, poor performance, low motivation, stress, lack of company loyalty, customer indifference, and customer rage.

The Power of Appreciation in Business includes research revealing that companies effectively valuing and appreciating employees enjoy more than triple returns on equity and assets and achieve higher operating margins than companies that do not. It also contains examples from businesses, including Southwest Airlines and See's Candies, that use appreciation in the workplace and with their customers. Businesses that proactively use appreciation attest to its powerful value. Appreciation, when it becomes part of the corporate culture, can be the secret weapon that propels companies past their competition.

As a psychologist and trial consultant for nearly two decades, Dr. Nelson has seen the dark side of business: employees suing employers; customers suing businesses; companies suing each other for an astonishing array of reasons. These lawsuits merely highlight the problem everybody knows about but nobody wants to acknowledge: lack of appreciation in the workplace causes employee and customer frustration resulting in crippling performance, productivity and profitability.

Too often, workers are ignored, asked to perform jobs without proper guidance, given little feedback so they can do their jobs well, rarely acknowledged for their good work and only singled out when they make mistakes. This takes its toll on even the most energetic, positive employees. Business owners and managers have to ask themselves how much they value their employees and customers. In many cases, the truthful answer would be 'not much'.

According to a Gallup poll, 65 percent of workers say they didn't receive a single word of praise or recognition in the past year. The Power of Appreciation in Business discusses how businesses, although quick to hand out "Employee of the Month" awards and make other token gestures to their employees, don't know how to use appreciation in a way that will motivate employees, a problem the book seeks to overcome with numerous recommendations.

The same holds true when it comes to customers. Although customer satisfaction may be good, customer loyalty is not. Companies don't know how to interact with customers so they want to keep coming back. The book explains how to create a culture of appreciation to remedy this situation.

The Power of Appreciation in Business explains how appreciation is not just another word for gratitude, but rather is an obsession with value . The book shows how deliberately valuing the people in and around a business is a prime component of success, and how the true power of appreciation is the paradigm shift that occurs when appreciation pervades a business.

Genuine appreciation seeks out the value, the worth, within every employee, every customer interaction and every situation, and then uses that value proactively to generate business success. The Power of Appreciation in Business shows how to develop a culture of appreciation throughout the entire organization that can lead to success: increased performance, productivity and profitability. Not only that, but this success comes not at the cost of employee well-being but rather as a result of appreciation's ability to increase employee happiness and well being.

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