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THE POWER OF APPRECIATION: Key to a Vibrant Life by Noelle Nelson, Ph.D. and Jeannine Lamare Calaba, Psy.D., Beyond Words Publishing

The Power of Appreciation

“This is a powerful book for teaching you the simplicity and ease of using appreciation to create a better life than you can possibly imagine. You will be reading this over and over!”
- Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women, www.hayhouse.com
"The power of appreciation is among the most under-utilized forces in the universe. I appreciate this book so much and know you will too. Appreciation is absolutely magical and has the power to transform your life."
-Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff, www.dontsweat.com

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Review by Dr. Robyn Finseth, www.empowerment4women.org

I absolutely loved this book. Being raised by a very positive mother certainly had its benefits in my own life and after reading this book I now understand why. The Power of Appreciation can help us all understand the importance of living a positive, appreciative life and how to be an example to others in the transformation of self.

Dr. Nelson and Dr. Calaba's premise is that appreciation is, in essence, a vibrational energy. When we feel appreciation, this energy becomes "gratitude, engaging the heart and value, engaging the mind." The authors use EEGs and testing to measure the outcome of changing one's thoughts from negative to positive.

Very early in the book they show how the cerebellum (the part of the brain that controls and integrates movements) is directly involved in either negative or positive energy. Using a scan, they show a brain which shows little energy or activity coming from this important part of the brain when one is angry, depressed, or generally feeling negative. So, when one thing goes wrong, bad things seem to follow (tripping over something, dropping a glass perhaps, etc.)—everything escalates. Your thinking becomes muddled and it's possible your memory is even having glitches. On the other hand, when you're feeling positive, appreciative, and good, the cerebellum scan is lit up with maximum energy. And, when one thing goes right, good things seem to follow.

This idea of vibrational energy changing physiological functions is not a new one. But it's refreshing to see the topic being heralded to lay audiences, giving everyone the opportunity to make the most of their own lives. Drs. Nelson and Cabala illustrate how we can change the wording in our heads from "old beliefs" to "new beliefs" simply by changing how we approach the relationships in our lives. Imagine, just by shifting your beliefs from negative to positive, you can literally make positive changes in your life. The Power of Appreciation is truly just that—power.

The book was so good, I plan on purchasing a dozen or so to give to my friends and patients. It is a common sense approach to how to change our thoughts and feelings into self appreciation—a gateway into the future of positive thought.

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Appreciation is more than gratitude. Appreciation is a dynamic energy force, functioning according to scientific principles. This energy can be harnessed by anyone to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment in every area of life: from finances to work to family to health to aging and even in crisis. In her latest book, The Power of Appreciation, Dr. Noelle Nelson and co-author Jeannine Lemare Calaba, Psy.D. provide a practical 5-step "Appreciation Process" to transform troubling situations and attract successful and joyous experiences.

The Power of Appreciation draws from numerous scientific studies including Dr. Masaru Emoto's water crystal research , HeartMath's heart rhythm analysis and Princeton University's " mind over machine " observations, and even shows, through brain scans , the enormous difference in brain functioning that occurs when people are thinking and feeling appreciation. While all demonstrate the significant role appreciation plays in how we think and feel, this emotion has been rarely put to practical use in the manner described in The Power of Appreciation.

The book includes specific chapters on how appreciation can be successfully used in specific "hot spots" (money, love and health). It enlists the help of an "Appreciators Group," volunteers who agreed to use the appreciation techniques in their lives and whose comments and real-life experiences are included throughout the book. The Power of Appreciation also includes a hands-on technique for working your “Appreciation Muscle,” so that you can get in touch easily with this tremendously powerful life-transforming energy. “Appreciation,” says Dr. Nelson, “is literally magic for your life!”

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