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Got A Bad Boss?
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Got A Bad Boss? is for the legions of unhappy employees who have a Bad Boss--those bosses who inflict misery and abuse on too many employees who aren't in a position to quit. It's a practical step-by-step guide to making yourself valuable to a Bad Boss instead of cringing, screaming, or going crazy; to take control of your job and your career even if your Bad Boss is a raving lunatic, narcissist or just plain incompetent.

How? By discovering your Bad Boss's secret desire and secret fear--which then gives YOU the secret to "working” your boss to get what you want at work.

Not only that, but you’ve got strengths--work strengths embedded within your Employee Type--that you can use to make yourself valuable, to leverage your way to success no matter how bad your boss.

That’s what Got A Bad Boss? gives you: the specifics of how to work your Bad Boss to your advantage, with strategies and techniques particular to each type of Bad Boss, given your Employee Type.

The Bad Bosses:

  • Finger Pointer Boss
  • Incompetent Boss
  • Egomaniacal Boss
  • Ghost Boss
  • Screamer/Irrational Boss
  • Favoritism Boss
  • Sexist Horny Pig Boss

Your Employee Type:

  • Ambitious Employee
  • Hyper-Sensitive Employee
  • Impatient/Aggressive Employee
  • Overlooked Employee
  • Pleaser Employee
  • Political Animal Employee


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Got A Bad Boss

"I used to think my career was about how good I was at my job. Wrong! With Got A Bad Boss? I realized the bigger part of my job was to figure out who my Finger Pointer Boss really was behind all that rant-and-rave, and help him be successful. Once I got that down, my career really took off."
Meg T. ~ Account specialist, CPA firm

"Got A Bad Boss? helped me understand that the way to get ahead was to take charge of my job--because my Ghost Boss couldn't and wouldn't. I was skeptical, but I stuck with what the book suggests, and now I get the resources I ask for and first dibs on new accounts--which has my co-workers green with envy."
Eddie R. ~ Customer sales and service, Plumbing supplies company

"My Egomaniacal Boss is brilliant, but she makes impossible demands. Taking what I learned from Dr. Nelson's Got a Bad Boss? I am able to turn her impossible everything into 'possible,' and make my boss look good in the process. She loves it. And--oh shock--she's been very generous with bonuses and perks."
Julia C. ~ Wedding co-ordinator, Event planning company

"There's no way I thought I'd ever succeed with my Screamer/Irrational Boss. I used to dread coming in to work. Even headphones didn't help, no matter how expensive. But with Got a Bad Boss? I discovered how to get through and around her tirades, to where she's accepting my ideas a surprising number of times. I'm up for a promotion because of it--which may get me out of her department entirely."
Matt G. ~ Computer tech, Textile manufacturing company

"Turning my Favoritism Boss into a mentor was an act and a half. But once he got that I took what he said seriously and acted on his advice, giving him the credit, like it says to in Got A Bad Boss? he started making me the go-to guy, instead his gang of barbeque-and-sports buddies--even though they kept trying to tear me down. I'm still amazed this stuff works."
Al P. ~ Construction foreman, Roofing company

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