Dr. Noelle Nelson

Get Your Way!
Put a Lawyer's Power of Persuasion To Use in Your Everyday Life Prentice Hall Press

Get Your Way!Discloses the proven techniques and tactics trial lawyers use to ensure their success and demonstrates how readers can apply these at work, at home, and in the world to get what they want every time.

Nationally known trial consultant Dr. Noelle Nelson has taught hundreds of lawyers how to use the powers of persuasion to win in the courtroom. Now, in this empowering book, she shows readers how to employ these same proven techniques to get what they want in their professional and personal lives.

Revealing seven steps to success, Dr. Nelson demonstrates how to use body language, voice inflection, and logic to establish rapport and instill confidence. She then shows readers how to utilize these techniques in real life situations, to negotiate a raise, convince family members and persuade co-workers and bosses to accept ideas, even winning voters, contractors, in-laws, and others over to their point of view.

Whether they are pushing for better working conditions or buying their first car, readers will learn how to use the powerful techniques of trial attorneys to turn every challenge into a win-win situation.

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