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EVERYDAY MIRACLES (Volume 1) by Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D. (MindLab Publishing)

“A must read book! Noelle Nelson's sound advice inspires and empowers us wonderfully to create here and now miracles of happiness and success in our own lives."  
- John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Book Description - Everyday Miracles

Everyday MiraclesLife is a gift. It is precious and wonderful and meant to be lived in joy and celebration. Deep down, we all know that. It just doesn't seem that way when you've had a lousy day at work, your partner is in a foul mood, you can't lose those 10 pounds you promised yourself you'd shed, the kids are out of control, and the only thing in the mailbox is more bills you can't keep up with. And this is just an ordinary day. . .

That's when you scream, cry or mutter through gritted teeth, "I need a miracle!" And so you do. More than that, you deserve a miracle. The good news is that miracles are something you can have, miracles not only of Divine intervention, but miracles of your own design.

For what is a miracle? An answer to your prayers, a wish fulfilled, a dream realized? For most of us, the miracles we seek aren't the raising of the dead or the parting of the Red Sea. Mostly we yearn for everyday miracles, positive and gratifying solutions to the challenges of our everyday lives. These are the miracles that make life so much easier, so much more rewarding and satisfying. These are the miracles you can create for yourself in your life. These are the miracles this book can help you bring to pass.

Miracles happen by knowing how to create the conditions that make it possible for miracles to flow into our lives. In Everyday Miracles, you will find the powerful insights, skills and tools to help you.

Each of the topics in Everyday Miracles speaks to one of life's challenges: family, work, relationships, self-growth and empowerment. Think of Everyday Miracles as your miracle-making resource. Whenever you are having difficulty in a certain area of your life, go to Everyday Miracles and zero in on the topic that seems to apply best. Everyday Miracles gives you miracle-making skills to help you live a rich and rewarding life day by day.

Let Everyday Miracles help you create miracles of joy and success in your life, miracles that make life sweet and worth living. Welcome to a life where your every day is filled - with miracles!

From the Publisher:

Everyday Miracles offers 51 reflections with practical steps for achieving life's dreams, 51 vignettes that cut to the heart of common dilemmas and self-defeating behaviors. Everyday Miracles offers distinctive, practical and encouraging ways to resolving problems, overcoming obstacles, and attaining the pinnacle of personal fulfillment. Through step-by-step action plans the author shows us how to:

  • Listen with your heart
  • Stop playing the blame game
  • Set limits without guilt...and redefine failure
  • Give and receive with joy
  • Take control of your destiny
  • Change--for real

Each essay culminates with an illuminating quote, words of wisdom from notables, past and present.

Everyday Miralces is an inspirational book with a difference: concrete tactics to help make personal miracles happen.

More praise . . .

"Everyday Miracles opens the door to everyday happiness. It's inspiring, helpful and full of practical do-ables that make life the best it can be."
- Gary and Joy Lundberg, co-authors, "I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better"
"Dr. Nelson brings the divine to earth with a practical roadmap to becoming your own angel. Read this book and you'll empower yourself to work miracles."
- Rick Foster, co-author, "How We Choose to Be Happy"
"When you live life anticipating miracles, they seem to happen. Noelle Nelson opens the door for miracles in our daily lives."
- Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., author, "If Life is a Game, These are the Rules"
"Everyday Miracles helps people take modest, loving steps toward creating the life they yearn for while at the same time accepting themselves as they are. Enliveningly pragmatic."
- Jennifer Louden, author, "The Woman's Comfort Book" and "The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life"
"Fatigue, a sense of being overwhelmed, abuse and depression--these are the 'biggies' that weigh women down. Nelson has addressed them all in Everyday Miracles. Clever writing that cuts to the heart--and the head."
- Dianna Booher, author, "The Worth of a Woman's Words" and "Communicate with Confidence!"

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