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How to Use Persuasive Communication Techniques for Successful Trial Work by Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D. (Prentice Hall)

A Winning Casefrom a Review by Trial Magazine

Relatively few books on courtroom technique deliver more than part of what they claim.

Now comes psychologist and sociologist Noelle C. Nelson with a different approach to trial advocacy training. As an outsider, not having the burden of a narrow legalistic focus to overcome, she is able to assess the courtroom in more universal terms - as an opportunity for lawyers to communicate within a group dynamic. The underlying theme of A Winning Case is the notion that "what you say isn't any more important than how you say it - both must be given careful attention."

To this end, the author explains how to establish rapport with jurors by using body language, tone of voice and cadence, body gestures, and eye contact. But Nelson does not neglect the "what you say" part of the equation either. She discusses persuasion techniques such as theme development and word choice. Nelson's focus is important.

Nelson has certainly taken bold strides in the right direction by teaching trial lawyers to think about how they say something. Nelson has obviously been called on to consult in a number of real-life courtroom situations. This adds both grit and depth to her book.

Winning courtroom techniques can be mastered through experience - combined with watching effective trial lawyers in court, taking part in a structured trial advocacy program, and engaging the help of a consulting communications specialist such as Nelson herself.

"As a trial lawyer, I say to all lawyers - you will gain from this book."
- Downey A. Grosenbaugh, Past President Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Assn., Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers


Inside of A Winning Case, you will find hundreds of case-winning communication techniques, proven psychological strategies, and potent courtroom tactics that help you maximize your impact with jurors and witnesses and win more cases than ever before!

  • Create a winning first impression that gets jurors on your side, establishes unassailable credibility, and wins their trust

  • Communicate effectively and keep the jurors alert and interested

  • Cultivate keen powers of observation you can use to acquire more information and strengthen your case during trial

  • Develop a dynamic personal courtroom style that contributes to your success and guarantees you'll keep on winning

  • Conquer courtroom anxiety and visualize your way to success

  • Prepare your witnesses so that they present themselves effectively and persuasively

  • How to pinpoint and prevent mannerisms that diminish your persuasiveness

  • How to inoculate the jury against opposing counsel's arguments

  • How to personalize experience so that your view of the case comes alive for the jury

  • How to create a feeling of "ah, yes" in jurors through analogy, similes and storytelling

  • Powerful antidotes to specific courtroom anxieties such as dry mouth…excessive sweating…hands or knees trembling…high-pitched voice…and nausea

  • A five-part strategy to increase your witnesses' credibility

  • Three ways to fight back and win against a super-confident and dynamic counsel


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